Tips For Remodeling A Bathroom

Homeowners looking to sell are smart to remodel their bathroom first before listing their home for sale. Even if you’re not selling, research shows that buyers focus the most on updated kitchens and bathrooms. They are two key places where home investments make sense. Giving your bathroom an update doesn’t always require a lot of money, just the right planning and the right bathroom remodeling company. Not only does renovating the bathroom add value to the home, but it also makes the homeowner enjoy his or her home even more.

Bathroom Remodeling Advice:

  1. Are you the DIY type? Doing the work alone can sometimes save you money. On the other hand, the last thing that you want to do is break a pipeline or make some sort or permanent damage that will end up costing you more than your savings to repair. The bathroom is the room in the house with the most potential for something to go wrong. Renovating a bathroom is not a job for beginners. Hire a professional tub or shower installer. It will save you time and money. When you hire a plumbing or remodeling contractor be sure to do your due diligence to make sure they are trained, licensed and insured.
  2. Could you use another bathroom? Sometimes adding an additional bathroom – whether it be a half bath or full, can add significant value to your home and up your resale value. Depending on the other features of your home, a half bath can add approximately 11 percent to a home’s value, while a full bath can bring up to an additional 20 percent.
  3. The bathtub, toilet, and sink are the three most important elements of the bathroom. Therefore, it is important to choose a style that is timeless and will not be outdated in a few years. Look for a tub shower replacement company in Asheville that can offer wide variety of styles and colors to suit your budget, taste and style. Ultimately, if you want your bathroom looking as wonderful and relaxing as the one you saw in that magazine that inspired this change, you may want to look into replacements instead of just refinishing your tub or cabinet surfaces.

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