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Your New BathWraps Tub or Shower Will Be the Highlight of Your Bathroom

Jacuzzi Soaking Walk-in Tub

Bathwraps tub and shower systems come in a variety of designs, depths, and colors. BathWraps tubs are quick and easy to maintain and will never stain, chip, mildew, or crack. Looking for a luxurious, easy access, jetted walk in tub?

Soak in this soothing tub with an extra-wide door and step into a walk-in tub that offers safety, comfort, and pain relief.

Whether you want a large bench for seating, a retractable seat, corner seat, or ADA-compliant seating, we can equip any of our tubs or showers you choose with the seat you need.

Looking to renovate your old bathtub? Replace your old, cracked, stained bathtub with a sparkling new soaker tub and wall surround. Ready to get started? There are so many ways to update your tired bathroom and start enjoying a beautiful new bath in just days. Call Two Day Bath and Shower in Arden for details 828-681-5590. We are the Asheville area’s leading bathroom remodeling company.

Options for Replacing Your Bathroom Shower

There are multiple options when it comes to renovating your bathroom shower.  Many people opt for easy access, walk in – barrier free showers, low threshold showers, corner showers, frame-less showers, and tub shower combos to name just a few.

The friendly folks at Two Day Bath offer dozens of beautiful Bathwraps shower styles to choose from, all made in the U.S.A. Our materials are the strongest in the industry with virgin acrylic and a built in antimicrobial formula to resist mold and mildew and they never fade or crack.

  • Low or No Threshold Shower:  these showers offer effortless entry and exit, and can be customized with grab bars, shower seats and shelving.
  • Corner Shower:perfect for small bathrooms, they fit neatly into any corner.
  • Tub Shower Combination: the best of both worlds. Save space by combining a walk in shower and a bathtub system for the ultimate in luxury.

Whether you need a tub or shower, Two Day Bath & Shower is the one to call. We’re an A+ Rated bathroom remodeling company in Asheville, owned and operated by a licensed NC Plumber to ensure you get the highest quality service possible.

Call today in the Arden NC area for a free design consultation 828-681-5590.


The Easy Way to Replace Tubs & Showers

Bathtubs and showers get scratched, discolored and outdated, so eventually they need to be replaced. For some homeowners dealing with old moldy grout that falls out and needs to be  cleaned or replaced  is a hassle. Or as they age, getting in and out of tub becomes a health risk. Whatever your reason for wanting to replace your old bath tub or shower, If removing it and installing a new one seems like a daunting task, that’s because it is! There’s a reason why this is the most dreaded do-it-yourself project a homeowner can face.

But wait, there is any easier way! The bathroom remodeling professionals at Two Day Bath & Shower in Arden have been installing high quality acrylic tubs and showers for over 30 years. Our team of trained installers are lead by a licensed NC plumber with decades of experience. You’re in good hands with “A” rated Two Day Bath.

We install complete acrylic tub and shower combinations and stand alone tub shower replacements, plus walk in bath tubs, barrier free showers and more. No matter what you’re looking for we can help. Best of all, our custom tubs and showers are built to fit your bathroom and installed in just two days! Go from boring old bathtub to a beautiful new bath in no time.

Give us a call today for a free estimate 828-681-5590. Ask about our 10% off senior discount. We are Asheville’s only authorized Bathwraps dealer.

Things to Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Whether your bathroom remodeling goal is to simply update your tub or shower, or fully remodel your existing bathroom into a luxury spa like retreat, it’s important to set your goals upfront so you have accurate budget for your project and to give yourself and any contractors you hire an accurate scope of the work that is needed. Before you get started, evaluate and consider the following:

1.     Plumbing. Determine if Plumbing Need to be Moved or Replaced. Will your existing drain lines be sufficient or will they need to be cleaned, moved or upgraded to accommodate your new bathroom layout and features?

2.     Counters and Cabinets. Will your vanity be floating or mounted on the floor? What size will you need and what are your storage requirements? What type of counter do you want? Granite, Quartz, Corian? Weight out the pros and cons of each before deciding.

3.     Choosing a Shower or a Bathtub? When considering whether to choose a bathtub, tub shower combo or stand-alone shower – ask yourself how many baths you take a year and consider if you may need a barrier free, easy access shower that is easier to get into than a bathtub.

4.     Lighting. Consider adding recessed lighting in your ceiling to brighten up the bathroom or a grand chandelier if you have high ceilings. Don’t forget to include one (or two) above your tubs and/or shower. And before you order that fancy chandelier for over your soaking tub, consult local building codes. Most often chandeliers have to be mounted at certain distance above the bathtub. Also consider installing a dimmer switch so you can adjust the mood in your bathroom.

5.     Showerheads.  When purchasing and choosing a location for showerheads, consider placing the showerhead higher on the wall if you’re tall. And if you plan on having a shower bench, why not make sure the handheld is long enough to use for shaving your legs. Want a spa like shower experience? Consider a rain forest or due shower heads.

6.     Safety Features. Always an important consideration, be sure to add some safety features like grab bars, a shower seat, non-slip bath mats or a slip resistant acrylic tub shower surround to keep you safe in the bathroom.

Call Two Day Bath and Shower in Arden or consult a professional bathroom remodeling company in the Asheville area for expert advice before you get started, so you can enjoy your new bathroom to the fullest!

5 Great Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

Most realtors will tell you that a newly remodeled bathroom changes the entire look and feel of a home and adds a lot of value and resale appeal. So whether you have company coming, you’re tired of that 60’s looking peach shower tile or your old bath tub leaks, there’s lots of great reasons to update or remodel your bathroom. Here’s just a few:

  • Your bathroom becomes a more inviting place and an enjoyable oasis for homeowners
  • Increasing the value of your property. On average a new bathroom can return about 75% of the investment to add value to your home and can lead to a quicker home sale.
  • Adding convenience or safety. Adding a second sink, a walk in shower with a seat or a closet toilet can really make your shared bathroom more functional.
  • Enhance Safety. Outdated plumbing or dangerous slippery porcelain bathtubs can all present a danger to seniors and others. Updating your bathroom offers the opportunity to make it safer.
  • Increase your bathrooms functionality. Taking a tub out and replacing it with a corner shower can add space and make your bathroom space more functional.

The bathroom remodeling pros in Asheville at Two Day Bath and Shower can help you plan and design the bathroom of your dreams. We offer new bath tubs and showers installed in just two days.  Call today for a free consultation 828-681-5590.

The Fastest Way to Install a New Bathtub or Shower

Would more people remodel their bathroom if it was just a little faster and easier? We think so! Two Day Bath & Shower in Arden, NC offers, two day installation of new bathtubs and showers, with no messy tear out. We’re dedicated to make the remodeling process as easy as possible.

Two Day Bath is a licensed Bathwraps authorized dealer. As such, we offer the highest quality, durable, acrylic bath tubs and showers. Our tub and shower systems can be installed over existing bathtubs for easier, faster installation.  Or we’ll remove your old tub and replace it with a new acrylic one. Choose from dozens of color and design combinations all custom fit to your bathroom.

Want a new bathroom? Why wait! Call one of our friendly design consultants now for a free in home consultation 828-681-5590.

Need to Remodel Your old Tub or Shower?

Many young people today buy homes that need a little love. That includes kitchens and bathrooms. Bathroom remodels are one of the top home remodeling projects done in today’s real estate market. Old tubs and showers can be replaced and brought up to date, faster and cheaper than ever before with Bathwrap tubs and showers. Once you installed a new tub or shower, simply updating the room’s paint to a more modern color, changing out the light fixtures, putting in a new vanity or adding a new mirror can make a big difference in a small space.

So whether you’re planning a complete bathroom renovation or a simple bathroom remodel, there’s more than one way to make your dreams come true. Two Day Bath & Shower in Asheville is your one stop shop for all your bathroom remodeling needs. We are an authorized Bathwraps Acrylic Tub & Shower  installer.  Our most requested bathroom makeover is the tub to shower conversion. As the population ages, many older American’s are deciding to trade up their old tub for a new, easy access walk in shower. No matter what your goals, we are here to help. Contact us today for a free, no hassle design consultation. Call 828-551-5590 to schedule an appointment.

Bathroom Remodeling Experts in Arden & Asheville NC

Your bathroom is the most used room in the house and so it’s no wonder that bathroom remodeling projects are one of the number one remodeling projects undertaken by homeowners. Plus, they offer a great return on investment. Bathrooms aren’t just for “taking care of your personal business”, they also offer a retreat after a long day at work or hard day at home. Most people want their bathroom to be a comfortable place where they can retreat from the day, soak, relax, calm down or prepare for the day ahead in comfort and style. Two Day Bath and Shower understands. That’s why we offer free in-home design consultations and why we’re Asheville’s top bathroom remodeling companies.  Owned and operated by a licensed NC Plumber with over 35 years experience, our staff is comprised of trained professionals who are prepared to remodel your bathroom from tub to shower to sink.

We listen to your needs and consider your price range, then offer you the best Bathwraps acrylic tub and shower solutions to fit your needs. So when you’re ready to undertake your next bathroom remodeling project and install a new tub or shower, please consider the A+Rated experts at Two Day Bath and Shower in Arden. You’ll be glad you did! Call today for more information 828-681-5590.

Converting a Bath Tub to a Shower

Getting tired of climbing into that old tub or just ready to install and beautiful new shower? We can convert your bathtub to a shower in just two days! Replace your traditional tub with a new, low profile, easy-access acrylic shower. All of our Bathwraps showers have slip-resistant floors and can be customized with coordinating wall surrounds, built in seats and grab bars for extra safety while showering.

Choose between a low threshold, easy step in shower or a tub shower combination. We have dozens of combinations, styles and colors to choose from. All made with our long lasting, easy to clean virgin acrylic with a built in anti-microbial finish to resist mold. Call today for details and ask about our senior discount.

Preventing Slip & Fall Injuries in the Bathroom

There are many ways to avoid slip and fall accidents in the bathroom. Estimates show that 234,000 people fall in a bathroom related accident each year. Most of these are seniors.  Slip and fall injuries are often worse for older folks. Those over 85, most often break bones when they fall. Preventing these accidents is the key to your safety and longevity.

Tips on Preventing Bathroom Accidents

  • Use non-slip mats on tub and shower floors
  • Install grab bars by the tub and in the shower
  • Add shower seats
  • Clean tubs and showers often to prevent buildup of slipper soap scum
  • Use a bright nightlight in the bathroom to avoid night time falls
  • Replace your conventional tub/shower combination with an easy access, low threshold shower or walk in bath tub.

Two Day Bath and Shower can replace any tub or shower with a new easy access barrier free shower or walk in bathtub in just two days! Plus all of our acrylic tubs and showers have an easy to clean, built in antibacterial finish that makes cleaning your bathroom faster and easier than ever. Call today in the Asheville area for an in home, hassle free estimate. We look forward to hearing from you.

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