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Choosing between Bathwraps and Bathfitters All-in-One Tub Shower Systems

There are many national brands to choose from when it comes to selecting a company to install your new acrylic shower or bathtub. Bath Fitters is one option. They promote a solid, one piece wall system. In theory, with a single drop in unti there would be no leaks or caulked joints. The reality is that this system does require a horizontal caulk joint where the wall meets the tub or shower base and users of this brand often complain of this causing leaks and other problems. Bath Fitters all in one tub shower system can also leave hollow spots where the new wall does not fit snugly to the existing wall because of out of square issues.

By contrast, Bathwraps tub and shower systems have three separate walls for a typical bathroom. Bathwraps advantage is that walls are custom molded to your specific bathroom size and specifications, so the fit is perfect, even when the bathroom walls are out of square.

Bathwraps’ proprietary fusion installation Technology™ ensures that you get the perfect fit. Our factory trained and certified installers use triple-lock seals in every corner so that your tub or shower stays beautiful and watertight forever. We stand behind our products and workmanship with the Bathwraps lifetime Warranty.

We offer bathroom remodeling and tub shower replacement throughout the entire Asheville area market. Call today for a free in-home consultation 828-681-5590.

How easy is it to convert a bathtub to a walk in shower?

Tub to Shower Conversion

Getting tired of climbing into that old tub or just ready to install and beautiful new shower? We can convert your bathtub to a shower in just two days! Replace your traditional tub with a new, low profile, easy-access acrylic shower.  Low threshold showers are safer than bathtubs and easy to access, even from a wheelchair. All of our Bathwraps showers have slip-resistant floors and can be customized with coordinating wall surrounds, built in seats and grab bars for extra safety while showering. Our tub to shower conversions can be done in just two days start to finish.

Choose between a low threshold, easy step in shower or a tub shower combination. We have dozens of combinations, styles and colors to choose from. All made with our long lasting, easy to clean virgin acrylic with a built in anti-microbial finish to resist mold. Our BathWraps tubs and showers are easy to maintain and guaranteed to last for as long as you own your home. Call Two Day Bath in Asheville today for details and ask about our senior discount. Call now 828-681-5590 for an in home design consultation.

Asheville’s Leading Walk-in Tub Company

Walk in bathtubs offer a safer bathing experience and easier access for the seniors and those in need of added mobility. As Asheville’s leading Bathroom Remodeling company, Two Day Bath is one of the top choices for seniors looking to install a safety tub or walk in tub. We will tear out your existing tub or shower and replace it with a new tub in just two days.

We install Bathwrap’s high quality acrylic walk in bathtubs that withstand wear and tear over the life of your bath. What makes Bathwraps a leading brand in the tub and shower replacement industry? It’s simple, it’s the only brand that designs and builds custom fit showers and bathtub systems and installs them in just two days.

Plus, as an added benefit, all of our bath and shower systems are manufactured with 100 % non-porous virgin, high grade acrylic – not recycled acrylic like some other companies. Our acrylic bathroom surfaces are completely resistant to mold and mildew and easy to clean. Called the licensed NC plumbers at Two Day Bath & Shower today to get a free design consultation and estimate on your new bathroom.

Visit for more details or call 828-681-5590. We serve the entire WNC area including Arden, Asheville, Black Mountain, Weaverville, Fletcher, Flat Rock, Hendersonville and beyond.

Tips for Adding a Bathtub or Remodeling A Bathroom

Homeowners looking to sell are smart to remodel their bathroom first before listing their home for sale. Even if you’re not selling, research shows that buyers focus the most on updated kitchens and bathrooms. They are two key places where home investments make sense. Giving your bathroom an update doesn’t always require a lot of money, just the right planning and the right bathroom remodeling company. Not only does renovating the bathroom add value to the home, but it also makes the homeowner enjoy his or her home even more.

Bathroom Remodeling Advice:

  1. Are you the DIY type? Doing the work alone can sometimes save you money. On the other hand, the last thing that you want to do is break a pipeline or make some sort or permanent damage that will end up costing you more than your savings to repair. The bathroom is the room in the house with the most potential for something to go wrong. Renovating a bathroom is not a job for beginners. Hire a professional tub or shower installer. It will save you time and money. When you hire a plumbing or remodeling contractor be sure to do your due diligence to make sure they are trained, licensed and insured.
  2. Could you use another bathroom? Sometimes adding an additional bathroom – whether it be a half bath or full, can add significant value to your home and up your resale value. Depending on the other features of your home, a half bath can add approximately 11 percent to a homes value, while a full bath can bring up to an additional 20 percent.
  3. The bathtub, toilet, and sink are the three most important elements of the bathroom. Therefore, it is important to choose a style that is timeless and will not be outdated in a few years. Look for a tub shower replacement company in Asheville that can offer wide variety of styles and colors to suit your budget, taste and style. Ultimately, if you want your bathroom looking as wonderful and relaxing as the one you saw in that magazine that inspired this change, you may want to look into replacements instead of just refinishing your tub or cabinet surfaces.

Ready to renovate or remodel your bathroom in 2018? Call the bathroom remodeling experts at Two Day Bath & Shower. Get a Bathwraps replacement tub or shower or shower enclosure installed in just 2 days! You’ll be glad you finally made the change. Call 828-681-5590 today for a free estimate on your new tub or shower system.

Replacing a Tub with a New Shower

There’s many reasons why  homeowners opt to replace a tub with a shower. For many it’s about making the bathing experience safer and not having to climb in and out of a bath tub. For others, old porcelan tubs with grouted tile are just outdated and too hard to clean and maintain.

Removing and replacing an old tub is a labor intensive project and not one most people are willing to undertake on their own. Call the bathroom remodeling professionals at Two Day Bath and Shower today. A trained consultant will come to your home and custom measure your bathroom to discuss your options.  Low threshold, barrier free showers are one of our most popular shower systems. Customize your new shower by choosing from a variety of styles, colors, patterns, textures, and finishes.

We offer free, no obligation in home estimates. Best of all, our Bathwraps custom fit shower solutions  are made of mold resistant acrylic and easy to care for. In just two days, our installers will transform your old, dull tub into a new, beautiful bathtub and wall surround. Call today for an appointment 828-681-5590.

Fast and Affordable Bathtubs and Showers Installed

We offer BathWraps custom fit showers and bathtubs that are long lasting, easy to maintain, and safe to use. Are you worried that bathroom remodel project will leave your bathroom unusable for weeks? Not so with Two Day Bath and Shower in Asheville. We are the area’s leading tub shower installation company. Our fast and affordable tubs and showers come in dozens of color and style options. Choose from easy access low threshold or no threshold showers, tub shower combinations, walk in bathtubs, tubs with wall surround, corner showers and more.

Tired of that old, moldy out of date bathroom? Why not remodel in just two days and add a sleek, stylish shower that you and your family can enjoy for years to come. Best of all our non-porous acrylic bath systems are naturally slip resistant, mildew & mold resistant, doesn’t stain and won’t chip, crack, peel or fade.  Bathwraps can be installed at a fraction of the cost of a tear out and custom bathtub or shower renovation. Call today for your free, in home estimate 828-681-5590.

The Difference Between Bathwraps vs. Bath Fitters

If you are looking to install and acrylic tub shower system, there are lots of options on the market. People often wonder what the difference is between Bathwraps and Bathfitter brands of custom acrylic bathtubs and shower systems.  They are both acrylic, but there are differences. Bath Fitters promotes a “one-piece” surround system without seams. As it’s promoted, with this system there would be no leaks or caulked joints that could potentially create leaks. In reality, this system does require a horizontal caulk joint where the wall meets the tub or shower base and customers often complain of this causing problems.

In contrast, Bathwraps has three separate walls for a typical bathroom. Bathwraps advantage is that walls are custom molded to fit perfectly, even when the bathroom walls are not squared.  The Bath Fitters all in one tub shower system can leave hollow spots where the new wall does not fit snugly to the existing wall because of out of square issues. This is a source of common customer complaints.

Bathwrap’s proprietary fusion installation Technology™ ensures that you get the perfect fit. Our factory trained and certified installers use triple-lock seals in every corner so that your tub or shower stays beautiful and watertight forever. Plus our virgin, anti-microbial acrylic surface offers a strong, long lasting and easy to clean finish our customers love. We stand behind our products and workmanship with the Bathwrap’s lifetime Warranty.

We install new bathtubs and shower systems throughout the entire Asheville, Arden, Fletcher, Waynesville, Weaverville and surrounding area market. Call today for a free in home consultation 828-681-5590. We look forward to hearing from you.

Tub Shower Selection Guide

Before you purchase or install a new bathtub or shower for your bathroom, consider how you will optimally use the tub or shower to determine what style best suits your needs. If you have a small bathroom, perhaps a corner shower will work best. If you want the luxury of a bathtub, but also the convenience of a shower, a tub shower combination with matching wall surround would probably best suit your needs.

Older seniors are often looking for safe, easy access. Low or no threshold showers are typically the safest options, along with walk in bathtubs.

One of the next most important consideration is room, or spacing. Be sure to check the dimensions to make sure the unit you want will fit in the same spot as the old tub or shower you are replacing, or in the new space you have created. Also be sure the tub shower unit you have selected will fit through the doorway.

The next most important feature is deciding on what type of tub or shower fixtures you desire. Some styles offer a water saving feature. There are many types of shower heads to choose from including single head spray, rain shower, dual or multiple shower heads and hand held.

Tub faucets come in a variety of styles and finishes, and choosing the right one for your bathroom tub can go a long way towards defining the overall design of the space. In terms of materials, choosing quality should be a priority. Solid brass construction is the most durable, but also the most expensive. Brass or chrome plating is a more budget friendly option.

For help selecting the right tub or shower for your home, call the bathroom remodeling experts at Two Day Bath in Arden, NC. Our design consultants will measure your bathroom, discuss budgets and options and help you select the right tub or shower for your needs, style and budget. Call today to schedule a free in home visit 828-681-5590.

Acrylic Tubs and Showers Installed in 2 Days or Less

Installing a new tub or shower is not the type of home remodel most homeowners are comfortable undertaking themselves. And yet, two thirds of all new homeowners will set out to remodel their home’s old bathroom. Bathroom remodels are second only to kitchen remodels in popularity.

Two Day Bath has been Asheville’s leading bathroom remodeling company for a decade.  Owned and operated by a licensed NC plumber, we’ve got 30 years of experience making bathrooms more beautiful! We install custom fit, acrylic bath tubs and showers in just two days. Need us to remove an old tub or shower? No problem. We will remove your old tub or shower and replace it with a new one. We offer turn key services, with dozens of colors and styles to choose from.

Don’t know what you want? Try our Build a Bath feature and sample different colors and styles to find the one you like best. Still not sure what you want? That’s why we’re here. Call anytime to schedule a free design consultation. We’ll help you find just what you need. Call today to schedule your no obligation consultation 828-681-5590.

The Latest Trend in Master Bathroom Showers

Bathrooms are second only to kitchens on people’s wish lists of rooms to renovate. The item on the top of everyone’s list is the Spa shower, otherwise known as a walk in shower. Having a spa in your home sounds expensive, but with a few tweaks to your existing bathroom, you can convert your boring space into a spa like experience.

Start by replacing your standard bathtub and converting it into a walk in shower. The new master shower is gaining more square footage in the overall bathroom floor plan — it’s a shower room, not a stall. Walk in showers are available in low or “no” threshold for easy access. Wide showers provide space to add “spa-like” features such as dual shower heads, waterfall showerheads and hand showers. And the area is completely tiled and often features a bench and nooks for storing soaps and towels.

Floating vanities, heated towel racks and floors can help finish your home spa into a space you won’t want to leave. Two Day Bath is the Asheville areas leading bathroom remodeling company.  Most remodels can be done in just two days. Our custom bathroom solutions offer a wide array of acrylic bath solutions from Bathwraps, the leading provider of complete bath systems. Our custom designed walk in spa showers and other bathroom remodeling options will get you on the way to a beautiful new bathroom in no time at all.

Call the only bathroom remodeling company in the Asheville area owned and operated by a licensed NC plumber – Two Day Bath & Shower in Arden 828-681-5590. Ask for a free design consultation and start making your bathroom dreams a reality.

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