Replacing a Tub with a New Shower

There are many reasons why homeowners opt to replace a tub with a shower. For many it’s about making the bathing experience safer and not having to climb in and out of a bath tub. For others, old porcelain tubs with grouted tile are just outdated and too hard to clean and maintain.

Removing and replacing an old tub is a labor-intensive project and not one most people are willing to undertake on their own. Call the bathroom remodeling professionals at Two Day Bath and Shower today. A trained consultant will come to your home and custom measure your bathroom to discuss your options.  Low threshold, barrier free showers are one of our most popular shower systems. Customize your new shower by choosing from a variety of styles, colors, patterns, textures, and finishes.

We offer free, no obligation in home estimates. Best of all, our Bathwraps custom fit shower solutions are made of mold resistant acrylic and easy to care for. In just two days, our installers will transform your old, dull tub into a new, beautiful bathtub and wall surround. Call today for an appointment +1 (828) 681-5590.