Safety concerns and independence are conversations we have quite often with many of our clients. We understand that maintaining independence while enjoying therapeutic features from the safety and comfort of your own home is extremely important. This is why we work with Ella’s Bubbles to provide quality Acrylic Walk-In Bathtubs.

Ella’s Bubbles offers 25 different models of walk-in tubs, each one expertly designed and assembled here in the United States in Chicago, IL. Each model has special and unique features, giving you a wide range of size, jetting options, door styles, and accessory choices. Ella’s continues to craft the finest walk-in tub experience, and we have many customer testimonials saying how happy they chose an Ella’s tub.

To the eye, most walk-in tubs look the same. You will find that the differences lie in the many options and design details. A customer needs to pay attention to things like ease of entry, grab bar locations, foot and leg room, hip and shoulder clearance and function button positioning. Ella’s wide range of products addresses all of those questions with lots of variety, making it easier for you to customize and choose the best walk-in tub for you. Let Two Day Bath & Shower assist you in choosing the perfect Ella’s Bubbles tub to fit your needs. We are very confident that you will be happy that you chose an Ella’s Bubbles tub.