Long lasting materials are very important when shopping for a shower or tub to complete your bathroom look. Whether you are planning for a walk-in shower, walk-in-tub, shower pan, shower door, shower enclosure, or a bathtub/shower set, it is important to know what will best suit your needs. A lifetime limited warranty provides peace of mind of knowing you are receiving superior materials that will last the lifetime of your home.


Once you decide upon the type of shower style you prefer and how much space you have to work with to determine what best fits your needs, you can choose from a variety of timeliness finishes and designs to complete your bathroom sanctuary. There are many beautiful options and the possibilities are endless. Choose from smooth, simulated tile, and stone like wall color options. In addition accessories to complete the look.


Determining your personal style and personal bathing experience can help you select the shower fixtures, shower doors, and shower base options that complement your space while achieving function, style, and design. Keep in mind maintenance and the ease of cleaning that an acrylic bathing system offers.