Bathroom remodels can be one of the most agonizing renovations any homeowner can invest in. There are many small decisions to consider which can be a bit overwhelming. Many of these decisions homeowners and home buyers end up making can not only result in wonderful transformations but also adding more value to a home.

Should you install a shower or a tub? This is a question that pops up very often, which is why it is very important to not only understand your current needs, but for your future needs as well.

Many folks maximize their home value so they can put it on the market while others decide to renovate to improve comfort, safety, and update the house based on their needs. If you are concerned with adding the most value when you sell the house, a tub could be a good bet.

If you have multiple bathrooms in the home and there’s already a tub, you may consider to add a with walk-in shower. As long as you can accommodate families that expect tubs, a second bathroom with a beautiful walk-in shower will meet everyone’s needs.

To help with the decision process, let Two Day Bath & Shower present you with a detailed in home design consultation that will include meeting all of your needs and answering all of your questions. We are a small locally owned company and value our clients needs by providing only the best service.